What Does the Texas Mask Mandate End Date Mean?

 What the rescission of the mask mandate order means is that the State of Texas will no longer enforce that masks be worn in all public places. The Texas mask mandate end date will go into effect on March 10, but Federal buildings will still require masks due to President Biden’s executive order. The governor’s order also allows restaurants and bars to open to full capacity for the first time since November 2020, as well as allowing larger public gatherings.

               What the order does not do is mandate that businesses may no longer require masks. If you and your executive team believe it’s in the best interests of your company to require that your employees continue to wear masks at work, then that is allowable. In effect, the State has now delegated that decision to individual businesses.

               Additionally, should the hospitalization rate climb from the current 8-9% to over 15%, then Dallas County will be authorized to reinstate the mandatory mask law on a localized basis. Dallas County is not authorized to override the governor’s executive order, but there is some flexibility in the system when such objective numbers climb; for example, in the 3 counties surrounding El Paso which are currently experiencing greater than 15% hospitalization rates. 

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