Real Estate and
Property Law

Real estate and property law is an extensive legal area, regulated by federal and state statutes, as well as common law. Many aspects of this area overlap with contract law. The terms “real estate”, “realty” and “real property” are generally used interchangeably, although many people associate “real estate” more closely with structures or buildings and land. However, real property/real estate encompasses more than just the obvious tangible aspects. It comprises land and that which is attached to or belongs with the land (such as the immovable structures like buildings, houses, trees, bushes and minerals permanently affixed to the land). It also consists of the interests, benefits and rights that are legally attached to the real property, which can include certain rights to the air above the land, to drill in the ground beneath it, rights to live on the property for a specific timeframe or to acquire the real property in the future, and more.

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